Jun 16, 2016

Asian Sojourn

I am finishing up the professional portion of my travels in Japan and Korea, during which I have spoken on media law issues from a United States perspective at the International Communications Association annual conference in Fukuoka, Japan; at the Chung-Ang Law School in Seoul, Korea; and at a forum sponsored by the Korean Press Arbitration Commission.

Speaking at Chung-Ang Law School
I and my colleagues were well-received at each of these venues, and I was pleased to both share details about the American approach towards legal issues involving both traditional and social media, and comparing it to the law in other nations.

I was also graciously hosted by the ICA staff, Chang-Ang Institute of Legal Studies director Jae Ok Chang and Press Arbitration Commission chairman Park Yongsang, as well as their staffs. I would like to thank them all for organizing these events and for their hospitality and friendship.

I was also pleased to reunite with several colleagues in media law from around the world at these events, as well as meeting others for the first time.

I especially would like to thank my friend Kyu Ho Youm of the the University of Oregon for arranging these events, and for his thoughtful guidance.

In addition to the intellectual stimulation, I'm also enjoying the discovery of new places, food and culture. And now I get to do a bit more of that before heading back to the States.


Shelly S. said...

Well done and congratulations.

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