Jun 27, 2013

My Journal Article is Published

My journal article, "The Wired Jury: An Early Examination of Courts' Reactions to Jurors' Use of Electronic Extrinisic Evidence" has been published in the Florida Coastal Law Review. (The article is available here.)

The article reviews and categorizes cases in which jurors were found to have accessed outside evidence in the course of trials, and examines how courts are dealing with this growing problem.  It is based on the presentation I gave last year at the law review's 2012 symposium, "#Digital Expressions: Exploring Free Speech in Cyberspace." (There are some photos of my presentation at the conference here.)

I would like to thank the editors of the journal for inviting me to speak at the conference and to write the article.


Eric P. Robinson said...

The article is now available on Lexis (which requires a paid subscription) here.

Eric P. Robinson said...

The Florida Coastal Law Review has posted the article online, at

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