Feb 20, 2013

Through the Looking Glass

I mostly focus on American law, but I was interested to read photographer Antoine de Ras' explanation of how he got this photo of amputee athlete and now accused murderer Oscar Pistorius crying in a South African courtroom, despite the judge's order that no photography was allowed during the court proceeding (although photography was allowed in the courtroom before and after the hearing).

Ras told Joe Clark that he took the photo from the hallway outside the courtroom, through a window in the courtroom door.

According to Ras and coverage of the issue, the judge was going to address the issue today.

(HT to Jim Romenesko for the link)


Amy Barnes said...

In the City of Atlanta court, I was told I had to have permission to photograph even in the hallways.

Are the hallways of a Court considered "in Court" areas?


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