Feb 23, 2012

Another Chance for Love

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a California Superior Court judge indicated Thursday that she was likely to allow a libel lawsuit against singer Courtney Love based on tweets about her then-lawyers to proceed.

When and if the case actually goes to trial, it would be the first American libel lawsuit stemming from a Twitter post.

As readers of this blog know, this isn't the first time that a lawsuit against Love has had the potential to become the first Twitter defamation trial in the U.S.

One defamation lawsuit against Love by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir settled for $430,000 plus interestAnother brought by "cookie diet" doctor Sanford Siegal also settled.

In September a California judge dismissed some of the claims in a third lawsuit brought again Love by a law firm that briefly represented her regarding her husband Kurt Cobain's estate. The suit is based on a statement that Love made about the firm on Twitter, as well as a comment to the New York Post.  But the judge allowed the law firm to amend its complaint and also allowed the suit as a whole to proceed.

So, after two prior chances passed her by, Courtney Love now has another chance to enter the history books -- OK, at least the geeky legal history books -- as the first defendant in an American libel trial stemming from Twitter. OMG. 


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