Sep 26, 2011

A Second Chance for Love

Back in January, it looked like a defamation lawsuit brought by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir against singer Courtney Love over her tweets would be the first libel trial in the U.S. stemming from Twitter. But then the parties settled for $430,000 plus interest.

In the meantime, a Twitter libel case went to trial in the United Kingdom, and ended in a £3,000 in damages plus £50,000 in court costs. But Americans are still waiting (on the edge of their seats? :) ) for the first defamation trial stemming from Twitter.

And now it turns out that Courtney Love has a second chance at being first. In addition to the lawsuit against her for her tweets by Simorangkir and another brought by "cookie diet" doctor Sanford Siegal, also settled, Love was also sued by a law firm that temporarily represented Love in disputes regarding her husband Kurt Cobain's estate, over another statement on Twitter, as well as a comment to the New York Post.  

According to the Hollywood Reporter's Hollywood, Esq, blog, a California judge has now dismissed some the claims in the law firm's lawsuit against Love, but has allowed the law firm to amend its complaint and has also allowed the suit as a whole to proceed.

This means that Love now has a second chance for becoming a part of U.S. legal history, by being the defendant in the first American defamation trial stemming from Twitter. FWIW.* 
* "For what it's worth," in Twitter-speak.


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