Jun 17, 2010

More Media: I'm Interviewed on Social Media in Court

On Tuesday I joined Wichita (Kansas) Eagle Staff Writer for Interactive News Ron Sylvester to discuss Tweeting, blogging and use of other social media to report on courtroom proceedings in the latest Lawyer2Lawyer podcast

I has written numerous posts on this issue for the Berkman Center (copied on this blog), including here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Title: Tweeting and Blogging from the Courtroom

Description:  With the wave of technology dominating the legal world, reporting from the courtroom has gone from scribbling notes on a pad of paper to live coverage through blogs, video and even tweets. Attorney and co-host, Bob Ambrogi welcomes Ron Sylvester, Staff Writer for Interactive News for The Wichita Eagle/ and Attorney Eric P. Robinson, an attorney in New York who specializes in media and Internet law, to talk about the latest in live reporting from the courtroom. They discuss procedure for getting permission from a Judge, cameras in the courtroom and how live reporting has affected traditional journalism in the courtroom.

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